A Julie Andrews Day

I love it when a good day comes along. You know, the sort of day when you feel like Julie Andrews on the mountain. The sort of day when you Just. Feel. Good. When you find yourself smiling. At a plant, the sky. Or just smiling.

Nothing special has happened, maybe the sun is shining but it’s the sort of day when you can push away the s**t that piled on you yesterday and simply enjoy the day for what it is.

The world is still in chaos but for once you can relax and focus on your world, just yours.

These days can’t be forced, they just happen; the endorphins have kicked in. I am sure these good days happen in response to stressful and often overwhelming situations. It’s our body saying ‘OK, you need some time off’.

So grab it by the horns and run, or sing. Whatever floats your boat.

I hope you have a Julie Andrews Day soon!

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