weepoems & meanderings

Last year I began to write snippets of poetry; some good, mostly bad, usually as the mood or occasional prompt takes me. I tweet them using the # weepoem. I am sharing here in the hope some of you will get some enjoyment and maybe a lift as you read them.



I watched the person I was

Become the person I am.

I faded into me.

With grace and poise

you taught me

how to dance

thru bruised petals

of life and love.

They met halfway in life’s adventures,

Too late, she said.

Please wait, he said.

Too late, she said.

He would steal a glance,

She would never notice.

He was invisible to her gaze

From the pedestal

On which he set her.

Living without love

Without song,

With no joy in your heart,

Is living in captivity

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