Are your characters loveable?

Should we always write loveable characters? Or even likeable? I recently received constructive feedback on a short story I entered into a competition. One of the comments "...this successfully built empathy for her situation whilst allowing one to dislike her for..." led me to wonder how many times a character I have had empathy for, … Continue reading Are your characters loveable?

6 excuses not to be a writer – and how to turn them around

When I tell friends and acquaintances that I write, so often they say - "I would love to write, but..." We all have excuses not to write, not to even start.  I used them. Most likely you did too. Excuses are not valid reasons. So how to turn these excuses around and send them packing? … Continue reading 6 excuses not to be a writer – and how to turn them around

Perth Writers Festival 2015

Matilda Bay

The Perth Writers Festival is over for another year and for me it abounded with inspiration, warmth, fun and fantastic weather. It is one of the highlights of my year, I anticipate the next one for months before it occurs and live off the memories for months after. Yes I am a 'tragic'. Australian writers … Continue reading Perth Writers Festival 2015